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2649 E. Mulberry, Suite 10
Fort Collins, CO 80524
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Aggie Properties, LLC specializes in the rental of quality homes and condominiums near the Colorado State University (CSU) campus in Fort Collins, Colorado. Unlike many other landlords, we are NOT a typical property management company. Instead, we actually own all of the properties that we lease. What this means to you as a potential resident is that we take great pride in having only the best properties and making sure that they are well maintained. You also save significantly on your monthly rent since there is no management company involved as the "middle man" charging an additional fee to the property owner, which is ultimately passed on to you as the resident. We treat our residents with respect, and we are highly responsive and involved in the day-to-day operations of our quality property rentals.

Since we have the best properties, we seek the best residents. We generally rent to CSU students and look for those that are exceptionally responsible and can dependably pay their rent on time. In return, we commit to provide you with a quality place to live, high maintenance standards, and responsive attention to any needs that might arise. Most of our staff also attended CSU at some point, so we understand what it takes to balance school, roommates and free time.

In order to keep our rent rates low and still provide the highest quality of service, we operate as efficiently as possible. With this goal in mind, we have invested greatly in technology. We utilize an interactive web site, online property listings, and a highly sophisticated telephone system that can provide automated information or connect you with any of our staff members or maintenance personnel anytime day or night. We ask that each household have their own email account and use this as a means of communication for all non-emergency issues. We like to consider ourselves to be the "High-Tech, High-Touch" Landlord.

We thank you in advance for visiting our website and look forward to the opportunity to show you any of our quality properties. For additional information, please email us at Email Address: rentals at aggiere.com or call us at (970) 212-RENT (7368).

We are NOT a typical property management company.  We own ALL the properties we lease.